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Now is the time to get your clubs out and put back that new look they once had. We expertly repair and restore all types of golf clubs: except woods. We check the condition of your club. Are you taking adequate care of them? Clubs that are well maintained will function better, plus a well-cared-for appearance will boost confidence!

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We offer Chrome, Tour Chrome, Black Chrome and Black Oxide Finishes on Irons and Putters.

  • Remove Head from Shaft
  • Strip off Chrome and Nickel
  • Remove Nicks and Bag Marks
  • Sandblast Groove Area
  • Apply Chrome or Black Oxide
  • Paint Fill All Engravings
  • Re-Install Head to Shaft

Other Services

Deepen face lines and sandblast stainless steel irons

Wire wheel and buff rusty irons

One of the most overlooked, yet most important repairs!

Regripping woods and irons

Rubber grip

Cord grip

Do you want to spin the ball like the pros?

We can transform your traditional "V" grooves on your irons to box grooves, giving you 10% more spin. Also improves control and direction!

K & J Tour Design & Technology

"Research has proven that golfers lose almost 80 percent of their shots to par inside of 100 yards from the hole".

How many shots are your wedges costing you?

Intelligent Design Series Wedge Treatment

  1. Our first step in the process is to mill (port) 6 holes in the back of the club muscle, raising the center of gravity. This moves the sweet spot to the center of the club, raising the center of gravity, just where it should be, giving your ball a lower more penetrating flight with a piercing trajectory and adding more control.
  2. Second, we painstakingly regroove each wedge, then finish by milling the wedge face to achieve nearly 100 percent of the groove specification allowed be the U.S.G.A. This gives your ball more spin than any other wedge in golf.
  3. Finally, we apply the finish, either an Oil Can Finish that will slowly rust over time, or our Satin Tour, a reduced glare satin chrome finish. We then complete the process by paint filling in All American Red, White and Blue.
  4. When this process is completed, you now have a beautiful wedge that produces a slightly lower, more penetrating ball flight with a piercing trajectory and 10 to 15 percent more spin just like a Tour Pro!!!
  5. Our wedges are specifically designed for the more aggressive player who likes to go flag-hunting.

We specializing in the polishing, buffing and lacquering of a wide variety of parts and can provide metal restoration cleaning, brass refinishing, metal polishing and brass metal plating.

Additional services include indoor and outdoor household items including brass bed restoration, home hardware, handrails, lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers, brass instruments and much more. We brass, copper, nickel and chrome plate, and even do minor repairs when necessary.

We expertly supply all types of golf club refinishing including irons, metal woods, woods. We check the condition of your club and can perform many types of golf club repair. Are you taking adequate care of them? Clubs that are well maintained will function better, plus a well-cared-for appearance will boost confidence!

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